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Project Spyder! Gimme some ideas!

So... I've only got one really project marker under my belt and it's this (not so) beauty:

My goal was to lighten it up as much as possible I did a few more things that didn't get pictured like shaving down the frame and the body more along with a lighter ASA and a smaller gas thru foregrip. It was my little backyard shooter but as soon as I got my license I sold it for a tank of gas.

Now, I've got one of these that I picked off of a friend for $10 with project marker being in mind. I pulled the beavertail and when toying around with it popped the safety out, but it's still the same gun. My goal here is to make it cool and unique while making some performance upgrades in the process. So far, I've only got a few things in mind:

Cut a slot to make it top cocking
Put on an offset to dovetail adapter
Cut a new trigger/modify the current one to take the same shape as a Dye hinge frame trigger
Modify the frame to have the gap behind the trigger (As it is, it's awkward to hold)
Throw on Dye sticky 3s
Get the feedneck in a lathe to ridge to be compatible with Ego feednecks
Throw on a regulator (Obviously recut the spring)
And do some other body work to make it look pretty sweet

Now obviously, I'm not just here to say what I want to do and leave, I want some more ideas. This marker has to entertain me until January 6th when I drive for 2 hours to go and play at an indoor field and so far it just seems like a couple weeks at most.

Now, one thing to keep in mind, at the moment I've only got a Dremel and I'm HOPING to get a press stand for it, so I'm pretty limited until we get our garage built and get our mill set up.
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