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It was an honor meeting you. I just got a lucky shot in on you.

I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience.
I was in the staging area with the Dirtbag crew and their support associates reflecting on how not enough field owners take the time and participate by playing themselves.
By doing that it shows you still love the game yourself and keep in touch with your customers needs from an insiders viewpoint. Much respect.

In my experience with Big Game formats, there's almost always incidents of wiping or bonus balling. I did not see any of that there. Everyone played within the rules for each game and took being eliminated with maturity.
That's a reflection on you as a park owner and the integrity you foster at your field.

I truly enjoyed the day and left feeling completely satisfied for having attended.
I hope I can make it up again soon for another one of these days.
The free lunch was a nice bonus too.

Thanks again,
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