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I am not the official list keeper or anything... I am simply summarizing the thread periodically...

As posted here, with links

Current status:

Back - Alpha434 will make inception barrel backs for $75 with a miniumu order of 10 pieces - See this post

.680 and .682 Stainless steel by RedneckSniper - See this post
.670, .678 and .685 Brass by TyMcNeer - See this post (I will ball park my price at $45 each, though I reserve the right to change that based on how much extra time it takes to get the inserts right.)

I would be willing to generate a spacer to allow the use of "normal" Freak inserts in the 9" Inception back.
List of people interested in a 9" Inception back
Mr. Smith - 1
Darkninja - Interested, depending on the price
crzypntbllr - 1
D3adpool - 1

4 people are committed, with 1 interested

If I have incorrectly categorized you, please post up and I will make changes to the summary.

Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak compatible and Equation inserts in .665, .670, .675, .678, .680 and .685

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

My feedback: MCB - eBay - AO

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