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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
*cough* Crossover *cough*
Fair enough. If they made it with a single trigger I'd bite.

Originally Posted by Carnage Reigns View Post
Mags are readily available. You can still get them new, the company still makes parts and they still have support. Just because they can't be purchased at ANSgear doesn't make them hard to get.
I wouldn't call pieced together in a basement from old stock "readily available". Are you even certain AGD makes anything new? Probably soft seals, but I don't think you can buy a Classic Automag anymore from them. You can get a ULE Mag, but that isn't exactly at the same price point we are talking about.

They still have (some) support, yes, but they are not widespread enough to adequately support the entry-level mechanical market. Your average paintballer is not going to run down parts and support from third parties and forums. I love Mags, but they aren't in the same scope as this.
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