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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
And I'm sure you could get a ULE from AGD for $130.

Just like the Crossover...the ULE is not a viable alternative to the eNMEy. Most of the people who buy one of this will be unable/unwilling to drop that kind of money on the only two other "options". You can't compare A to B when B costs almost four times as much as A.

This is currently the ONLY entry-priced, factory-stock, currently-produced, non-blowback, non-milsim, mechanical gun out there.

Besides, as has been said repeatedly in this thread...yes, the Gardeners were dicks. But they got slapped down and that's all in the past. GoG makes quality stuff at great prices...period. So who cares if there are other options that fit the bill (there aren't); that's no reason to crap on this marker.
My statement was more about availability. You are completely correct about price. I may pick one of these up.

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