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SOLD: PBM-14 Sentinel Paintball Claymore Mine

Free shipping inside the U.S.
International buyers pay for all shipping costs
Shipping will be via USPS w/ DC#
Paypal & MO accepted
Open to trades

Interested in Dyecam I4's, LAPCO A5/X7 barrels, & Full Clip Gear.

PBM-14 Sentinel - $75 - SOLD

Here's an old and rare claymore type paint mine. It shoots fourteen (14) .68 caliber paintballs and is charged with a 12g CO2 cartridge. I used it one time last December to try and it's been sitting in a box since. Comes with complete instructions, kit for use, spare valves, and even a company business card. It isn't too difficult to set up but I wouldn't recommend this for beginners. The instructions are great so follow them and you shouldn't have a problem. It's definitely a unique piece and is made in the USA! It may even be a nice collector item or show piece for those scenario buffs out there. Check the video to see it in action and read its description for more info.

Manufacturer's description:
A VERY effective Paint Pellet Claymore Mine. The PBM-14 is a patented, Command Detonated MIL SIM / Paintball Scenario Landmine It's sure to impress your friends, as well as frighten your opponents.

The PBM-14 launches fourteen 0.68 caliber marking pellets in a 40 degree arch, at better than 190 FPS. Max Effective Range is approx. twenty feet.

At 5 feet, spread equals 4 feet, w / 3 pellets per foot.

At 10 feet, spread equals 8 feet, w / 2 pellets per foot.

At 15 feet, spread equals 12 feet w / 1 pellet per foot

The PBM-14 uses a newly designed charging system, which uses a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge as its source of power. Once charged, the PBM-14 can be safely charged and carried about, then quickly fixed into position. The PBM-14 can also be partially buried or secured to a tree/post, for elevated blast effect. Using a trip wire, the mine can be left unattended for hours, or rigged as a command detonate mine, a slight tug is all it takes to unleash it. Built from heavy, molded plastic, the mine is designed to give years of reliable service.

Any questions, just ask. Thanks for looking.

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