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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
I'm still hoping for a report from CCM with a conclusion of the gun's progress to date.
I tried the prototype that was sent to M.Carter last winter and though the gun was a fresh approach to what we're seeing today from CCM and other marques, the gun did exhibit some flaws.
Flaws that I know ARE key as to when it will indeed debut.
Now you're all familiar with CCM's motto, right?
Had the humble privilege of testing the Hawaii Prototype for over a year now. I agree that it is "A fresh approach to what we're seeing today from CCM." The simplicity of the J12 will amaze you. Anyone can tech this marker. The breakdown is simple and fast. The marker has become my choice over all other CCM markers made in all types of weather. I am excited and look forward to the release date for all to enjoy. The year long testing has led to design changes for the final production model. A larger in diameter, hollow, guide rod and new lengthened valve chamber took away the "farting" noise seen in the early prototypes given to M.Carter and Hawaii. This weekend, the marker shot flawlessly again. The ultra-evils flew flat, consistent and on target. Praises to Bill, Laurie, Mel and Rod, Chris and the good folks at CCM for their efforts and for finally releasing what I believe will be an amazing choice for the pump community.
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