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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post

What about open bolt pumps - such as the pump mag where the pump stroke is simply the length (width?) of the wave spring?
The cocking portion of the pump stroke may only be a fraction of an inch, but it still requires a full length stroke as you cannot fire until the arm has retracted below the breech of the body.

Originally Posted by russc View Post
stanchy, generally I'd agree that the definition should be relaxed for pump days.

In fact, I think pistols and magfed (strictly semi auto) should be welcome at pump days. Hell, I'd argue that it's better to just run limited paint days. They embody some of the same principles just in different forms. A standard open class T2 has more firepower on tap than a Milsig, for example, and we all know that the ergonomics of a milsim gun makes for a huge disadvantage in close-in gunfights. I also think that turning the pump only games into "limited paint" games allows more people to join in. Hell, a speedball gun with a 50 round hopper is pretty much neutered down to the level of an open class pump.

If I had to choose, I would prefer a 'stock class' day...12 grams optional. But that excludes so many people to the point that it's probably hard to put an event together.
Here here.

Some of the best days of play I have had was simply limited paint. It doesn't matter what gun you have, everyone is capped at 50 balls per game.
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