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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
^Keep in mind that Air Soldier Products is more of a hobby for Blue. Turnaround can (understandably) vary considerably depending on his personal life.
Ain't that the truth - snapped the axle housing on my truck the other weekend, and had to quick hunt for a new ride. Plus, the day job has me wondering where my summer went.

As noted, it's a hobby business, and as such my turnaround times can be spotty. However, if I know that somebody wants to send in a body for a detent mod, emailing me beforehand to see what my workload is like is _always_ helpful, as I can try to plan ahead to get a breech back out to a customer in short order.

Fast, good, cheap... You know which one I can't always do! However, locals in southeast WI can certainly drop by the shop if they arrange a time with me, and I can do detent mods while-you-wait!
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