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Tachiro's Odds and Ends Sale 3.0 (6/7/14)

Keep note of the following:

- free shipping(US)
- If there's no picture for an item (or broken link), it's either pending or SOLD!
- Btw, the pictures all link to higher res shots

I don't always bump my thread, but when I do, I usually put up another item for sale.. so feel free to subscribe, maybe i'll just type the latest item instead of "bump"

Deadlywind Fusion Apex2 adapter $20
- [from Deadlywind site] - "ID bore is approx 0.84" x 3.5" deep. Our barrels (except the Null) are around 0.83" OD. So, yes, you can use this with any other barrel that is this same OD +/- 0.01". (But we don't know why in the world you'd want to do that..)"
- so this would definitely not fit over something like a freak barrel tip. It fits fine over my eigen barrel, my CP one piece (with a little effort), and this disruptive death touch two-piece barrel i bought recently

CCM macro fitting $12

A5 aluminum powertube w/bolt $8 together

Old school WGP gloss black kaner barrel $30 together
- $15 for the kaner back
- $10 for the 10" kaner tip
- $10 for the 14" kaner tip

WWA 1.5" stump freak tip $20

Trilogy SF pro valve, stem and set screw $10

2k2 Intimidator front block and lpr w/ PBK delrin piston and ashcroft guage $20

ANS ram $16

ANS phase II pre 2k lpc $10

.691 freak insert $9

2k2 Intimidator body w/ eyes and covers as pictured $22

WGP trilogy body $15
- has a fair share of wear
- a barb broke off in one of the internal 3way holes
- no internals

14" TASO Winforce barrel (cocker thead) $8
- 2-3 minor nics, hopefully the larger res shot can show all of them

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