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Phantom appraisal

So guys I'm thinking about giving up the phantom for a ccm and was wondering what these will go for:

Blue phantom (very nice condition, high numbers on 10 scale)
-15 rd feedtube
-11" stock barrel
-houge grips
-45* grip
-vsc kit with bucket changer
-agd bike grip, and tippmann Asa with macroline and fittings
-acrylic parts
-comes with used spring and seal kit

Black phantom (like mid numbers on a 10 scale cosmetically)
-10 rd tube
-possibly asp upgraded tpc (hex adjustment and has oring)
-m16 grip
-11" stock barrel
-back bottle adapter with bucket changer

-black center fed body
-1x .681 and 1x.684 microshot 11" barrel
-blue t stock
-blue 8" barrel

Thanks guys in advance for helping me price this out

If you guys would take a stab at these items too it'd be appreciated
-98c AA back, VERY good condition
-Freak front 14", black, very good condition as well
-red and green dot sight

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