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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
It does have a spring feed.

I have been trying to build something similar...but the VA on my Tac one is too short!! the 3.5oz wont screw in all the way becuase the burst disk hits the trigger frame! Oh well out comes the files I guess.

Limited paint is the way to go. I started running the Gravity League Tournement rules here in Ottawa (our second tourney is this weekend!) The last one ran well and there are even more signed up for this one. The guys have been practicing with the format in the meantime...

As for pumps. Yes they are still pumps. People can nit pick all they want but at the end of the day if the action still requires a manuall reset...
GA makes flush fit burst discs - truth be told I think I may still have some. PM me an address and I will look and mail you a couple.
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