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I'm an advocate for low volume recreational play as many know. I also hang out in the field owners section at PBN quite a bit (the largest gathering for field owners anywhere) but I think it's a shame that so many fields are deciding it's necessary to abandon airball fields and catering to tournament play. I understand why they do it, but I just wish tournament paintball could have seen the light and realized they need to create something that was more sustainable. The writing on the wall is pretty obvious when field owners are shutting down their airball fields. What will be interesting is to see how these owners will handle the high ROF, high volume paintball usage on recreational fields when there are no tournament fields to play on. I have a feeling they won't handle it very well and more and more fields will be shutting down altogether. I hope I'm wrong.
The field in my area shuts down airball entirely second and fourth Sunday (the only day for open play) and plays long time limit games in the woods. While no ROF is stated it is commonly known that this is a time to "take it a bit easy".
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