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Stock class in scenario games

So, I've done a fair amount of playing from Tourneys all the way to hardcore scenarios. Each year for Decay of Nations I have pretty much gone down a notch in technology for the past 4 years from an Ego 08 to a PGP. I'm aggressive and fast, like 4.8 40 fast. I'm always at the front usually the first person past the 50 but last year playing stock class I'd still get eliminations but the ratio of players to refs leads to wiping. I'd hit a player and they'd pop up behind a different bush. While still having fun I wonder if it is worth it to play stock class.

Is it worth it to play big games and scenarios with my stock class markers?

I love playing stock class but can't eliminate the blatant wipers.
Is the spirit of stock class worth the hassle of stock class?

So what do you guys think?
How many of you play SC during big games?

Yes, I know it's my choice in the end.Yes, I have a plethora of alternative markers. What do you guys do to overcome the obstacles?
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