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Sorry for the she is! ...and by she I mean the gun, avert your eyes or

PTP Micromag 2000 ...Dye Ultralite, Dye Rotor, Benchmark On/Off, and a steel hpa tank.

Anything you guys can tell me about it is much appreciated! I know nothing about these guns, and would love to find out when it was made, how many were made, etc.

It was shipped shooting, sort of, but had a horrible leak. So, I stripped it down to every last part (out of curiosity of how it worked, if nothing else)! All o-rings appeared to be intact, without any obvious cuts. They were rather dry, but that's all I could pick out. I gave it a quick wipe down, greased with a dow-33 grease, and re-assembled. I'll get my tanks filled when I get home tomorrow and test it out. I may be back on here sooner than intended for some troubleshooting help.

On another note, here is my shocker that is FOR SALE /OBO in the B/S/T Forum
(NO TRADES as I need money for Paramedic School & Cost of living for this coming January!)

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