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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Agreed. A field I used to play at had a "under no circumstances can you ever advance within 10' of an opponent" rule. Of course, there was a nice solid wall bunker in the back corner that, if you were in it, there was absolutely no way to get you out of it at any angle from more than 10' away. I saw many games where the last noob alive would sit in that bunker, never even looking out, not even trying to shoot back...and there was no way for the other team to get him and end the game.

This. it's one thing to have a no engagement within X feet rule but at the same time if someone is holed up in a bunker and you have to be within the X feet to get them the no engagement rule shouldn't stand. I also find that at some fields surrender rules the way they are worded it dumb. ie one of the indoor fields around here (now closed) had one where all someone had to do was within 10 feet pop out and yell mercy 3 times and whoever they were directing it was out. I had a kid try that crap when I was on the opposite side of a solid building. I just came around popped him in the chest and told him I don't take mercies that are stupid. The ref then calls me out. Which I thought was ridiculous it's not like it was a run through it was 2 players on opposite sides of HARD cover. and depending on how you came around the building it would have been more than 10 feet separation. I'm glad no other fields practiced that crap in my area. It's one thing if you've got the drop on the guy but 2 players knowing where the other is and actually being face to face when we were popping out to shoot makes the mercy rule a crutch. Personally unless it's a new player or someone using a rental mercy rules are almost never used at any fields I've been to since. I guess the way I look at is paintball is a sport where you're going to get welts or cuts fairly regularly and if you can't handle that then don't play. Only time I really use it is if I'm directly behind someone with a clear shot at the back of their skull then it's not a question of surrender it's YOUR OUT! and most times they'll put their hands up in surrender turn around and I get a muttered oh as they walk off because I got the drop on them.

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