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I've had "can't get the last guy" experiences like a lot of others in this thread due to fields having a "no getting closer than 'x' rule." What gets me even more frustrated than that is when you call the ref over and explain the situation and they just look dumbfounded. I was at a small field (no longer in operation) in the MD area and three of us had their last guy pinned in a bunker, and he wasn't shooting, wasn't peeking out, nothing. There was a 10' rule and it was one of those house-without-a-roof jobs with just one door and one window. Door was to the side and up against a tape line, so it's not like I could come around and get an angle. What's more, the guy was hunched up right under the window. I called over the ref. I explained very calmly that we had two viable options. "You can either call him out right now, or I can run up there and bunker him." The ref looked at me, and explained that if I violated the 10' rule, I'd have to sit out the next game. I said "Oh... Okay" and proceeded to sprint to the doorway and pop the guy in the shoes. He's out, game over. Ref comes over and informs me that I'm sitting out the next game. I say that's fine, I need a rest and some paint and air anyway. So, the next game I'm allowed in, we get into a similar situation. I call the ref over and said "you want a repeat?" He called the guy out right then and there.

The surrender rule itself isn't too bad, though I don't like the 20' limit. I'd prefer it to be 10' simply due to the fact that I've seen guys in one bunker 20' away from another call surrender and the refs enforce it even though they had no line of sight and no hope of shooting the other guy out otherwise.

I understand that "bunkering can turn young/new players off of the sport" thing. I really do, especially having helped operate a pro-shop and a field. But as one of you said earlier, you expect to feel the pain, it's just part of the game. Even so, even when I played tournament ball, I tried to aim for something that wouldn't hurt so bad when on the rec field. A shoe, someone's pack, their hopper, etc. That's not to say that I hit those things only when racing around a bunker at full speed, but at least I tried to keep it from being a bad experience.
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