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My take on it, is that if you're not prepared to get shot at close range, you shouldn't be playing paintball in the first place. Young, old, delicate, whatever. Crap happens, especially on small tight fields full of people of different skill levels. I'm not saying people should tolerate getting lit up at close range, but if you can't handle single shots or double taps from inside 10 feet you don't have the constitution to be playing this game, period.

Giving people the option to surrender when you have them dead-to-rights is great, and should be practiced when possible. However, when a guy is tucked into a spot that no one can get to while following the 10-or-20-foot rule, and he is outgunned and continues to shoot instead of calling himself out, in my mind, that constitutes him waiving any right to complain about getting bunkered.
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