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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
by fixed tank your not talking about the old thermal tanks by chance.
-No, just HPA tanks for the moment. And you mean "Thermo"- that's the brand name of the big handwheel valves.

I remember preferring the old Max Flows, thinking I could have a reg/manifold on each gun (as in, two, maybe three markers back then) and just swap one tank between 'em. That and the fact the Max had a shutoff valve- none of the others did- made it my choice for the longest time. (The fact it was a good, stable reg that didn't need a secondary inline reg was the primary reason I liked it- the rest was just icing on the cake.)

Today, of course, we get the same thing with screw-in tanks; one bottle can be swapped between any number of guns, most good rails have a shutoff of some sort, and most decent markers come with a secondary reg anyway so as long as it flows well enough to keep up, how consistent it is is almost irrelevant.

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