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As someone who has used a crossover for actual play, and has one in their hands right-this-instant (but I don't own it, it's on loan) I can honestly say that I'd take it over anything in the same price range day-in and day-out. Think of it this way. It took everything that the E-Mag was supposed to do and did it better, and for way less money.

Super light
Efficient (compared to many electros in the same $ range. It beats my mini hands down)
Fires analog or digital (batteries run out? No problemo! It still shoots!)
Tippmann durability and reliability
Rock solid valve system

A few bucks more than the competition
People look at you funny when you sling 13bps ramping at them with a Tippmann that isn't a sear tripper... oh wait... that's a pro in my book.

It really is a great marker, and as an electro player on a board with a bunch of guys who think 9v batteries only belong in ReVLutions or better yet, walkmans and transistor radios, I can tell you that the ability to flip a thumb-switch and go from battery operated to manual firing mode without missing a beat is fantastic. Even in manual mode, the pull is light, crisp, and fast. After a day of playing with it, I was ready to trade in my Mini.

I think the hurdle here is that people seem to be incredulous that Tippmann could make an actual electropneumatic marker that doesn't have a million camo-colored add ons. Trust me, I was skeptical right up to the point I started pulling the trigger at the chrono station. There's no tweaking, no need to mess around with the trigger. I frikken baby could pick it up and walk the trigger. It really is an impressive piece and I highly recommend playing around with one if you get the chance. I'm hoping to see more from Tippmann on this end of things.

Again, I don't own one, but have had it in my possession for the past month or so, and that time has seriously made me consider selling the Mini to fund one of my own.
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