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1. You cannot separate the ideas of “surrenders working” and “surrender rules”.

If all surrenders worked, there would be no problem with the surrender rule. Seems like an obvious statement.

How many people here complaining about surrender rules have sworn off trying to surrender people? Implicitly, that means the surrender rule doesn't work because surrenders don't work. For them.

Sorry. Surrenders work. You're DOING IT WRONG

The people who practice it as a skill know this. If you don't practice it, why don't you practice it?

Oh, you don't like getting shot.

2. If people think that getting shot is part of the game and then complain about getting shot while trying to surrender someone, that's called hypocrisy.

I don't know how much clearer I can make that.

This is inexplicable for a group of experienced players.

I don't particularly support the surrender rule myself, but it's not enough to be right for the wrong reasons.
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