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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
I have had my $1200 laptop for over 6 years and it still holds up. It can't handle new software, but it can handle stuff just fine that came out at the same time it did.
That's the catch, the free software for me is the latest and greatest :P (2012 and 2013 versions)

Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
... use a newer windows-based laptop, brand new and set up specifically for the work... (big 16:10 screen is the best for CAD).

Also if you can, get SSD in it... I've got one in mine for my OS and work applications and it's wicked fast for start-up and loading apps/models/assemblies.
SSD all the way, and I will soon be set up with a nice display

Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
Part of the Formula SAE team, nice... I'm part of our Baja SAE team.
Nice, I chose the Formula Team over the Baja Team... cause I like to go fast 0-60 in 2.7 seconds on a 106HP 440lb death-kart? Sign me up!

The poor Baja division is stuck with 10HP Briggs and Strattons... it is still amazing what you guys can do with them though.

Originally Posted by towerofcards.19 View Post
May I ask why you need it to be on a laptop? If you're just modeling solids, then you might be able to get a less expensive laptop. On the other hand, if you're doing FEA and Flow, most laptops will have a hard time, desktops, even.

Also, I would recommend you run an older version of SolidWorks...

Apoc, SW is demanding because of flow simulation and FEA software (SW is meant to cover everything from CAD to CAM), but depending on the version you have, requirements will be different.
The emphasis on a laptop was so that I could use it at school on a daily basis, while this Macbook Pro would go to my Dad. Having a Solidworks dedicated desktop would just complicate matters. (As my parents see it)

I'll see if I can get access to older versions, but my Professor can only get the newest version (so far)

My dream would be to model flow through some of my prototype paintball gun designs BUUUT I don't have the cash for that high-end computing power :P (or do I?)

Thanks guys!
Spanko to the rescue

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
lol can't talk eh? boy is mar gonna have a field day (and night) with you.
Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
I wonder if I can put a pumpkin on the CNC mill? Hmmmmm.... (toddles off toward shop)
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