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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
I have a question, How many of you can judge to the inch what 10', or 15', or what ever the required distance is? I sure can't and I would be willing to bet a nice hunk of brass that none of you could either.
My point is, how do you know if the person calling for the surrender is just outside the range or just inside it? I once had a guy call for me to surrender when he was about 20 yards away. I simply flopped to the ground and crawled away in the tall grass. Should I have had to surrender because he thought he was close enough? He obviously wasn't if I was able to crawl away without being shot.
When I ref I instruct everyone to ask people to surrender but to have their guns locked and loaded, ready to shoot if the person does anything other than surrender. I inform them that there people that simply will not surrender. So be ready. Then I tell them that the surrender rule is a courtesy to keep them from being hurt so they should surrender because they will simply get in the next game.
not hard for me. since i use to pull lumber all day long and can tell you how far 10ft is. since use to pulling 10ft to 12ft and 9ft long lumber to cut for truss. all depends if you do jobs where you need to find lumber or measure things in that length.
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