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I found out a fun place to ride. There is one area that is quite deep with water to say the least atleast for trail riding. My bike ended up getting almost completely submerged on the *** end but I managed to get it out. I have found out I need new tires though. Now to explain the pictures and why I'm a little soaked in them. While riding I saw a fire and I thought of riding over to where it was. Well, instead of doing this I walked over to where I could see better. Come to find out that there is a trailer park or something like it. Well, while walking I saw a fence laying down and then took another two steps and I went down to my neck in water... Well, I then swam 5' feet in full motorcycle gear in 6+ foot deep water. I then climbed up the 2' bank by grabbing a small palm tree and walked around in this trailer park. Come to find out that the fence was acting as a bridge and had a support underneath and was down there. Now I'll be bringing a walking stick to test the walking area first... Lesson learned and now laundry is being done. Still a better good day.

Pictures of new bike included and very dirty jeans.

The water felt like it was... 60-70 degrees... Very damn cold!
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