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Originally Posted by Tallen702 View Post
As someone who has used a crossover for actual play, and has one in their hands right-this-instant (but I don't own it, it's on loan) I can honestly say that I'd take it over anything in the same price range day-in and day-out. Think of it this way. It took everything that the E-Mag was supposed to do and did it better, and for way less money.
By that logic, the Etha is just as much in the running. It has the dual stage bolt the Crossover doesn't:

The Etha bolt features dual-stage acceleration so that it picks up the paintball at a lower speed before accelerating further to push the ball fully into the barrel. The front of the bolt has a ramped rubber section. This extended rubber piece is both removable and replaceable and designed to flex freely in order to prevent clipping of the second ball in the stack as well as to be flexible on the face to cushion the paintball as its pushed toward the barrel. Both of these features work hand-in-hand with the Deftek Feed System and Break Beam Sensor System to keep any occurrences of barrel breaks to an absolute minimum.
Planet Eclipse - Etha Paintball Marker

I'd take a Level X bolt over mechanical mode, personally. Tippmann puts a dual stage bolt in the Crossover and their mechanical mode gets a boatload more interesting.

The Crossover seems to be a great marker. I haven't used one personally so I'm just going by the specs and impressions. However, at that price range I'd be looking elsewhere.

Congrats either way to Tippmann on the award.
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