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We're starting to post our 2012 stats; first up are the Kill/Death Ratios of the 55 players who competed this season.

Some were new players and some were regulars coming back from last year; I'm pleased we reached such a diverse group and very happy to have introduced so many to the game we love.

Stats are here on our Facebook page.

Don't have Facebook; here are the top 20 players by Kill/Death Ratio:

Fabian (Ignition) 7.00
Henrik (Ignition) 5.00
Mike K (Kill at Will) 4.75
Jason B (Kill at Will) 4.67
Jonas (Ignition) 4.00
Erin J (Kill at Will) 3.00
Erik (Ignition) 3.00
Tyler H (Kill at Will) 2.50
Anton S (Spectre) 2.50
Mike F (Kill at Will) 2.00
Troy B (Kill at Will) 2.00
Nicklas (P.U.M.P.) 2.00
Andreas (P.U.M.P.) 2.00
Sam T (Spectre) 1.88
Brad (Wolverines) 1.75
Tony (Wolverines) 1.50
Jason K (Kill at Will) 1.50
Chris A (Kill at Will) 1.50
Johnny M (Spectre) 1.45
Anton S (P.U.M.P.) 1.30
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