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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
With that said I know you said it NEEDS to be a laptop so the W series go for it. Only things I'd change are with CAD being intensive bump your ram to 8GB (even if you buy it later yourself) I'd also suggest if you have the option getting a second hard drive added for mass storage. keep your working models and Solidworks on the SSD and then everything you've finished or aren't working on transfer to the mass storage drive. My last laptop (Dell E6510) had a 128GB SSD and it gets eaten up fast with Windows and a few applications a secondary drive really is almost a necessity really
That's the nice thing about the W series is the ability to increase your ram, just remove the back panel and there's 2 slows for extra ram. I got my W530 with 4GB and I'll likely upgrade it when I find a need for more ram.
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