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Originally Posted by StJimmy666 View Post
Oh boo hoo, I bet you also wrap your kid in bubble wrap and foam equipped with a klaxon before they're let outdoors. Half the time that kind of slide is easily recovered and he made a decision in half a second. The spectators know exactly what they're getting into. I must've missed the shrieks of terror and talk of lawsuits you get with racing this side of the pond.

On an unrelated note, your signature takes up half the space on a 32" 1080p monitor. Might wanna do something about that.
No kids yet. Ill be honest don't know how I will react to kids of my own. Ive been doing crazy things all my life. Wife swears I will not be allowed to teach our kids (if we have any) any of those things.

I will say having my nephews around alot has changed how I see some things. Always seem to be looking out for everyone else alot more now.

Ill take a look at the sig as well.
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