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Off the GOG face book description:

Keep your friends close, but your eNMEy closer.

GOG Paintball will be unveiling the all-new eNMEy paintball marker at the 2012 PSP Paintball World Cup. Featuring an integrated regulator and pneumatic spool valve combined with an entry-level price tag, the eNMEy is poised to deliver better performance to new players and improved reliability with reduced maintenance to field owners.
Regulated Low Pressure Operation A vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation. Running at 160 psi nominal, the eNMEy is consistent and smooth with little to no recoil.
CO2 Compatible An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components from pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.
Is the bold intended to mean those two bullets? Integrated is the wrong term in my opinion if the HPR can come off, which I hope it does. If it doesn't I really wouldn't be shocked because it would save a few machining steps (and thus, money) and still be serviceable. Just curious.

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New advertising tagline: "Simon Stevens said that will be totally fine and nothing bad could ever happen. Ever."
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