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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
When I ref I instruct everyone to ask people to surrender but to have their guns locked and loaded, ready to shoot if the person does anything other than surrender.
That's the same hybrid-style rule they had at AG paintball when it was open and that we had at my old field. I personally think it worked the best. Give the guy a chance to surrender, but if they do anything other than put their marker/hands up in the air, you're allowed to pop them.

That made the most sense to me. If it were a little kid, I'd surrender them. If it was some guy decked out in gear and using a high-end marker, I didn't expect to get a good response.

See, to me, it's a common sense matter. You don't bunker the 12-year old rental kid wearing a sweatshirt and some hand-me-down BDU pants. But the guy shooting ropes with his space gun and custom gear, yeah, I'm pretty sure he won't take offense to getting shot at close range.

I'll tell you this. I think the most important thing to do after bunkering someone is checking up on them after the game. Shoot someone that close and it's just polite to say "hey dude, sorry for the close-in shots, we cool?" Usually that goes a long way to prevent any misunderstandings or whatnot.
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