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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
Just curious but how come this is posted in the DZ and not over in the Reviews Section? The review was pretty good, I was hoping you would be able to point a flaw or two but that never happened, hate to say it but the review almost felt like it was 'paid for by PE' (yes I realize you were wearing a DYE shirt in the review...)
ha trust me i didn't get paid for this. After three months of testing out the geo 3 i really couldn't find any flaws, its that well built. i know, i was surprised to not to find things i didn't like about the gun. I personally love the geo 3 that i spent $1350 and bought one myself. The one i was given was only for me to test out and return back when i was done with it.

When i do my reviews, i dont just take it out of the box and review it. I like to al least shoot 20-30 cases out of the gun before i give my input.



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