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Friendly fire happens even on a small scale games.

It is still fun to be shot at to get the adrenaline going. On multiple occasion's on the same day i had to deal with friendly fire while i was wearing a TIE-DYE SUIT that i made. My team was bunker-ed down around a building and the other team was entrenched in bunkers. There was no doubt which team i was on.

Yet I somehow managed to take the flanking position and crept around behind the other teams position. I cleared out two players trying to use the same gully area i was to sneak around. Once behind their main line which was pushed up like a battle in the patriot. I stood up dusted myself off and acted like i belonged to the team attacking my guys.

At that point my team was heavily confused and started yelling at each other asking if the guy in the tie-dye suit was on their team. At that moment five of my guys try-ed lighting me up.

Luckily I was able to slip behind a tree till they realized I was on their team and walked up behind the enemy team of 5 and shot them down the line.

I wish i had video of that game.
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