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08 Ego, Nexus 06 Ego, Excal, Rage A1, Shocker 4x4

All markers have sold except the A1 -

Rage A1 - Just put a new breech seal on it and cleaned it up. It shoots great, has the updated fly software, magno valve and ram, 3 piece eyes. 1 piece ragestick, the small bore kit which was used once, and the bore kit that originally came with the gun, i also have the stiffi rage tip for the A1 backs which was used once, a 14 inch tip with a little red fade on the tip, and 2 - 16 inch tips. So you have 6 backs, 4 tips and a .691 one piece ragestik stiffi. Also have the lpr and hpr gauge, misc seals including a few breech seals. Spare o rings0 - and i think another set of ribbon eyes. I know A1's retail low, but im in no rush, and this gun has always been a personal favorite of mine, and was my main marker for years which is why theres some decent wear marks on her. But she shoots great and if i cant get my price she will continue to be my main gun. I know you can part this stuff and sell it for more, its just easier to unload at once. Those small bore kits are impossible to find. --Looking at 400 shipped for everything--300 shipped for the gun - stock barrel kit, gauges, and spare parts. I have another thread with the barrels listed seperate, but if your interested ill do 100 on the small bore kit, 75 on the ragestik, and 50 on the rage cf tip for the stock backs.

shocker 4x4 - SOLD

Stormtrooper nexus - no longer for sale

Excal - sold

08 ego - SOLD

I know i am new here but i registered because im not getting much interest on pbnation and i know this forum is more into the older guns so i figured i may have a better shot here. I have feedback on pbnation as well as ebay, and am verified with paypal. The excal and shocker 4x4 i had for sale sold on here so im sure those gents would vouch for me.

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