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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Is the bold intended to mean those two bullets? Integrated is the wrong term in my opinion if the HPR can come off, which I hope it does. If it doesn't I really wouldn't be shocked because it would save a few machining steps (and thus, money) and still be serviceable. Just curious.
Nope I was just posting the info. To be honest I use this same spool and regulator when ever I play. It works good for me, never had a problem with either.

I guess no one really read anything. This is just an ENVY with a pneumatic trigger that's all. It's just been given a new name. Don't read into it anymore then what it is.

Upgrade will probably just be a blackheart board with an ENVY electro frame. That's all this gun really is. A rebranded ENVY.

It at an entry level price. Just what it is designed for.

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