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F/T G7 Fly and GAT

Alright folks, I picked up this Arsenal G7 Fly here on MCB and im just not diggin it. I guess im just not an Angel guy.Its in about 7/10 cosmetically but 10/10 mechanically. This thing can shoot! Comes with car charger. What you see is what you get.

As you can see there is a small ding at the end of the barrel and a few nicks in the anno on the frame. LCD is getting a little harder to read but still works. All around great marker that will put a grin on your face.

Second up is my GAT
Its a 7/10 in apperance and is currently having problems. It is having issues with the eyes i think. It is currently reading the top led (red) and the two center (orange) and will not switch out and will not fire. I have heard it could be the way the battery is on the terminal but nothing is working for me.
Take it as you see it. Comes with on/off and Dye ul annoed to match with .684 back. When it was shooting this was shooting lasers.

Looking for trades. Pumps and old school elctros take priority. Will consider all trades. Dont have to much to add but I am sure we can work out a deal.

If ive got to put prices down $230 on the Arsenal and $160 on the GAT
Thanks for looking.
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