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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
What would be really cool is if the dwell could be set for either feed to keep the velocity correct; chrono FS, set that, then switch to hopper then set that...have it switch to the correct dwell setting when you switch feeds.

Did any of that make sense?
IMO the biggest problem with that would be the one round left in the chamber...

you shoot a first strike, switch... you still have one first strike loaded in the system, if the system thinks it's a normal paintball and you bunker someone, it'll hurt like a mother#$%@#$...

then the opposite is true, when you switch from the normal paintball to first strike, the first shot will be a normal paintball that will be very low velocity...blowing your cover and if you compensate for the drop of that one shot, you'll have a wasted first strike round...

those dual systems sound cool in theory, but that's always the problem... still, the gun looks cool ^_^
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