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V3'ed 1of12 Demon (2013)

This is my favorite shooting marker I've ever owned. It's a 1of12 anodized dust black and lime accents with the 2013 updates inside it. Which means goodbye qev! Operates at 90 psi! Insanely low and the sprung bolt gets rid of any fsdo.

It was originally a v2 Demon. The V3 updates have been installed. Which costs $200 alone to have installed at the factory. Frank Connell teched this marker and it is simply amazing.

I shot half a case on less than 2000psi in a 68/45 fill. meaning this is a very air efficient marker, more efficient than my viking honestly.

$925 shipped. Only trades must come with cash. I need money and thats the only reason why I'm putting this on the chopping block.

Comes with the original box, charger, charger adaptors, cd manual, both barrel pieces.
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