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So I'm assuming the new pistons will be 7071, as they're supposed to be "stronger" aluminum... Still wish they're do a ss or ti run, although I understand them being a bitch to machine. Then again, they probably could do away with the whole issue if they'd just figure out how to get the internal reg working reliably (I.E. put a pressure relief valve on the thing to vent air when the valve over pressurized the main piston/valve!!!! such an easy fix!!!)


I'm also excited to see some more info and pics on the "break proof" newest of the pistons. Understandably, given they've worked so well with inline regs, I'm not ready to send my thumpers into metadyne for the upgrade unless I lived within walking distance...

Regarding fixing the internal reg, I actually don't think it would require much work - a pressure relief valve might not even be necessary! Make the reg piston/valve out of whatever Al they have been, but polish it and get it anodized (the inside of its housing is already ano'd but it should also be polished) and then polish again!

Anodizing and polishing would allow the reg valve to move much more freely and have tighter more reliable tolerance/seals. The key to the regs design seems to be exactly that, needing to be able to hold very tight tolerances on the seals for it to be reliably accurate (see earlier page for diagram of how the reg works).

I mean, would anyone ever use a bolt that wasn't polished or ano'd in your ion/matrix/geo/droid/etc. etc.?! Hell ****ing no!

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