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Originally Posted by biftip98 View Post
I never wore workout pants or sweat pants or anything like that. I simply wore my normal mesh running shorts and when and bought some thick knee high socks to keep my legs warm
Never thought about wearing long socks, I like the idea. I'm the kind that wears shorts as long as possible, well into the snow.

Originally Posted by biftip98 View Post
On a side note, if its winter your prob. running in the dark or low light conditions. Take some steps to protect yourself. I used to run with a flashlight, not so I could see but so cars would see the light flickering and know I was there. I eventually bought a little bike light that flashed red that I could clip onto my sleeve or shorts. I even went so far as to get some reflective tape and put some on my sleeves and shorts, but I was running by a major thru road in my town so I wanted to be extra careful.

Hope this all helps.
Good call, I am fortunate enough to have a groomed trail or two within 500m of my place, so I'm not to worried about being seen by cars.

Originally Posted by StJimmy666
You'll look like a massive douche, but just get UA ColdGear Compression from head to toe. They even have a facemask. Just throw some splash pants and something with a windproof liner over it and you're good to go.
I dont know about head to toe, but definatly getting some UA, I love my HeatGear.

When I'm talking colder weather for my southern friends, I'm talkin 5 to -20 or -30 celsius, or about 40 to -5 or -22 fahrenheit. Its not that bad lol It is to cold to do my static exercises out doors, but nice for running.

Thanks for the ideas guys, keep em coming.
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