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Originally Posted by artguy63 View Post
2 questions Dukie:

1. Is that a CCM EZ grip for a handle? If not, would one work?

2. Do you plan on putting a 2nd guide rod on the pump kit?
No its something i cooked up. it was something hand shaped or round or square. round and square are easy to make but i didnt think they fit the look of. I am still notmset onnthe shape of it yet. i think it needs to be narrower, or maybe even something completely different.. if a ccm pump fit and functioned in its place i would be highly surprised. it would be like the dash board from a chevy fitting perfectly in ford. unlikely

The objective of the design was to get away from a second guide rod. its a square to round transition shaft. the round portion eliminates horizontal and vertical movememt and the square portion reduces rotation. it does what 2 rods do without the second rod. i dont like the look of 2 vertical rods, and 2 horizontal rods wont fit with the dual purpose of the assembly. i want it to work both with this and the dsp/standard phantom frame.

That still needs a bit more testing. i dont want to have to hand polish each shaft like this one. all i had in the right size was aluminum. raw aluminum oxidizes and does not slide well against other raw aluminum in pretty short order. if i were to anodize both i think the shaft would be showing wear immediately. so in short i need to take some time and make a stainless shaft.

If it doesnt behave as i want i ditch the single and go to a dual.
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