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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Do you have a use for roll bar lights? Maybe you do - like driving trails at night.

Whether or not you do, the number of people who think you're "cool" for having them will be exceeded by the number of people who think you have a tiny penis for spending that much on something that most likely have no practical use.
QFMFT. I've got a pair of Hella foglights on my Jeep, for actually using off-road (And for winter, when it's dark as **** 15 hours a day).

Most people here do have a set of foglights, either factory or aftermarket on their vehicles, and most have the common sense to only use them when appropriate. But there's a few eskibrodozer-driving ****wads who leave them on all the time.

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Nothing says "violent and insane" like sharpening a shotgun.
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