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Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
Give Silver a shot, as long as you get a full group and you use your consumables it's pretty good. I keep away from Gold, just doesn't seem as fun to me. Maybe I should try it again sometime, but I've heard some complaining that with the recent DLC and patch, things have gotten harder.

If you want better gear, the best method (its kind of slow) is to level up all the low level stuff with basic packs and Veteran packs....then once you have all those at level X, move up to Spectre/Premium packs. Then you get less low level crap in those higher cost packs. You'll definitely get a rare in the Spectre packs but to get some good weapons it can be a killer wait. I still don't have the Asari Adept (or most of the non starting adepts) and I've been playing since the Demo came out

Also, if you haven't, try to get in on the weekend operations, they are starting them weekly now coming next week I think. Some of those promotional weapons are great (Hurricane, Valiant). Toss the Hurricane on a Turian Soldier if you have it, and bam, you are good for Silver Actually if you have a Tempest you are good for SIlver too.

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I have noticed a few REALLY hairy rounds on my last few Silver games.

Things have gotten harder but not because of the new faction units. Somewhere in the patch they either bugged or removed shield/health gating so now you take full damage. That means two troopers can instantly kill you with a three shot burst. If they ever fix this then the difficulty should be close to what it was pre-DLC.

Silver is still possible, with very few consumables, but Gold is an entirely different beast. Not even going to mention Platinum. The jump in difficulty between Silver and Gold is huge. Prepare to use a LOT of consumables and lvl 3 / lvl 4 upgrades. I've been running Gold more now and I usually have to buy a jumbo equipment pack after each match. Gold Cerberus seems to be the easiest of the gold factions, you just have to watch out for the Dragoons.

I've been seeing videos of people running Platinum, SOLO. Don't know how they do it other than running it with OP'd classes and weapons. Usually Turian Ghost with Harrier X or Beam X.

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