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Originally Posted by Malafanango View Post
I am sure you have seen this already, but it looks like Kingman has been spying on your thread.

new pump by spyder

Although, you get what you pay for, at least with yours I know I will get a quality marker with a reliable Phantom at its heart.
Yeah i saw that.

There is absolutely no way i can ever hit that price point.

We shall see how it goes with that one. im not going to be able to compete with a major manufacturer, but i am also not looking to. Ours is more of a boutique kind of shop. small runs of a odd stuff.

Apparently not too odd this time..... Either that or big brother is watching what i am doing lol.

Besides as far as i can tell it does to offer anything that mine does not. except that i can offer in grip air, a bottom line conversion will be along eventually, back bottle can be done now, same goes for remote line. open or stock class conversion is dead easy, same for a springfeed.

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