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1991 to 1995 APGs and more

Thinking I am going to let some of the collection go. Most of these are in very good condition, a few have the cover starting to come off. No writing in them and no pages ripped out.
I will provide pictures and condition to serious buyers. Please PM me your email address.
Not really looking to negotiate, may work out a deal on large orders or buying the whole lot of them. Buyer pays for USPS shipping, varies depending on how many you want.
Here is what I have:

aug hot chicks with CCI $30
sep Fred Shultz with line si promaster $25

jun Youngblood with chrome cocker $45

jun Youngblood w/ chrome VM-68 Mag $40
jul Phil Baker with VM $20
sep Fernando Castillo with custom cocker $20
oct Ron Kilbourne w/ phantom $20
dec Fred Shultz w/ Tippy ProAm $20

jan John Pope w/ a lightning $20
feb Anthony Smith w/ an F2 $20
mar Rob Kerr w/ a TASO pump $20
apr Mike Whelan w/ a Minimag $20
may Shane Pestana w/ a chrome Ironmen cocker $30
jun Youngblood w/ a chrome cocker $40
oct Chuck Hendsch w/ custom cocker $25
nov Andy Greenwell w/ a blade $20
dec Oh Pawlak w/ a Minimag $30

jan Cajsa Bruce w/ Minimag $20
feb Ken Kidd w/ Phantom $20
mar Neil Martin w/ Badger $20
may Bud Orr w/ chrome cocker $60
jun Gibran Doan w/ VM Magnum $20
jul Steven Montoya w/ Mirage $20
aug 2 Marine Team 1 guys with Belsales Evolutions $30
sep Ed Head w/ Automag $20
oct Youngblood and some other guy w/ custom cockers $40
nov Brian Boswell w/ Spyder Compact $20
dec John Forgerson w/ Palmer stroker $20

Smart Parts 93 10 page catalog $10
AGD 94 thick paper fold out ad $10 (has been folded in half)
NPS 40 page 1992 catalog $25
Eclipse 1996 15 page full color catalog chock full of Eclipse Mags and Cockers! $60

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