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Realized Something Today. Am I Cynical or Naive?

So I was reffing today, which is not something I do regularly, or I might have caught this sooner. It was a big game that my team put on, straight up flag control. I was in the staging area by one of the flag stations, off the field coordinating flags and watching the players in the immediate vicinity (along with a couple of refs on the field). Well, a couple of players in the area had roters with crazy color schemes, and I realized at some point that is was darn near impossible to tell if this or this has been hit, or if it was just the color scheme.

Then the bigger problem hit me: That's the point.

I don't use electronics. Ever. I don't even use gravity hoppers. I'm all stick feed, all the time, so I don't keep up with the hopper designs out there. That being said, this seems to me like the institutionalization, if you will, of the practice of plastering one's loader with stickers with the objective of obscuring hits. Am I reading too much into this, or am I late to the otherwise very obvious party?
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