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FS: Mag fed A5 and other goodies

First off, looking to sell, not interested in trades.

All prices include shipping
All prices are OBO, but somewhat firm
You pay, then I ship
Shipping to Canada is ok, but you will have to pay the difference in shipping cost

Due some stuff I am forced to sell some paintball items, also do this same stuff I am unable to store the items at my home, and have to store at a friends house. So please be patient with shipping. I will get it to you as fast as I can, but I can't guarantee that I can run out the next and ship it. I will let you know as soon as the item is shipped.

First off is a Tacamo MK5 kit with A5 internals, the internals are all stock. A5 is pictured with 416 shroud and Flasc barrel, these are not included in the asking price. MK5 kit works flawlessly, never had an issue with it. Played two games with it.

MK5 with A5 internals, stock A5 barrel, 1 Rap4 Mag, and CAR stock: Sold
Core 416 shroud: $45
A5 HE E-Grip: SOLD
Flasc 12" SQB barrel: $35
x1 RAP4 Mag: $25
A5 Cyclone: $25

BT Rip Clip: Sold
Flasc A5 rip clip adapter: Sold

98 Custom: SOLD
Apex + Flasc Apex tip: $30
Flasc 9" ported barrel: $20
AK X-chamber: badly modified to fit with HE E-Grip on A5, doesn't look great, can be fixed with a little work, works just like it's supposed to though: $20
A5 barrel to Spyder marker adapter: $10
A5 barrel to 98c marker adapter: $10

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