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Line SI Bushmaster

I have no Idea what these sell for, but I'm in need of cash. This marker is older than I am and it's extremely cool. It's shooting at a low fps (240ish last I checked). It is adjustable, I took it apart and found that out, just haven't had time to do it.

It has a carbon fiber barrel with a delrin sleeve. I have no idea who made this barrel or if it was custom made by someone? I'm sure someone in here would know for sure. Check out the pics of it.

It has "Pops" etched on the trigger guard and inside the grip frame where it opens up on the bottom.

It also has an interesting Hell Survivors "WWII Scenario" sticker around the trigger guard. I'm guessing that sticker was placed on there in the 90's from a scenario game it was used at. I thought it was pretty cool.

Hell Survivors sticker and etching-

Carbon fiber barrel w/ delrin sleeve-

Price- $125 shipped. If I'm to high let me know. Like I said I don't really know what these go for nowdays. I just need money so I'm throwing it on the chopping block.
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