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More revelations from yesterday:

- 12 MCBers, mostly with pumps, can hold off something like 30+ electro-toting walkons for a veeeeeeeeery long time.

- The WALZ pirate shot beeeeeeautifully with Formula 13, with the singular barrel break of the day occurring when I double-fed it. I guess the Evil I tried before was simply too fragile.

- Formula 13 is actually really good paint! It held up to the abuse and there wasn't a single instance of "oh, that woulda broken with Evil".

- I received an awesome (though weirdly stretchy) shirt from a supercool baller.

- Whee took delivery of my last 2 SDDG shirts.... finally. Other than Lechooch's, of course.

- The Nelson's problem was an anti-kink (larger-bore) hammer with a standard-bore bolt. This allowed the hammer to torque when cocked and froze the whole assembly on the power tube.

- Deadwood and the trench field are now two of my favorites from any park.

- I'm already over the Hammer 7 (though the price point is, in fact, really good).

- MY I4 LENS FIXED ITSELF! No idea how or why, but my gold Dyetanium lens has cleared up and is perfectly usable again. Maybe the anti-fog just had to wear off.

And once again, you guys are all awesome. Thanks for coming out!

Edit: My only pic from the field. Sorry no one else is in it.
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