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Originally Posted by casper View Post
Do your thing RUSSC tell me how to inbed vids !!Ok took this today at apg. Cows man !!
Palmer's cow battle - YouTubePalmer's cow battle - YouTube&fs=1" width="644" height="390">Palmer's cow battle - YouTube&fs=1" />Palmer's cow battle - YouTube">'s cow battle - YouTube
Take your YouTube link (www. and remove everything but the jUPczxaclgc part after the '=' sign.

Place that random jumble of letters >> [ YOUTUBE]Right Here![/YOUTUBE]

(NOTE: I added spaces for the sake of example.)

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Ah, well, that makes the difference, then, doesn't it? You see, I thought you were offering 300 camels, and as my corral is quite full I was forced to decline. But three hundred dollars will fit nicely in my pocket.
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