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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Yes, as far as MILSIM paintball goes, you are right. But as I stated, I want to sacrifice at least some of the MILSIM aspect to give you a gun without an inline stock. Give people the option of running tank off the bottom of the grip frame.

There are people that want magfed guns but who have absolutely no interest in MILSIM and the accoutrements, either beneficial or not, that come with it.
The CQB paradigm looks like something more along these lines. It's built into the older blowback bodies but retains the new valve system. Since it's "CQB" they took all the extra stuff off and gave it a bottom line. Aside from the top rail and the short barrel shroud it looks like a fairly neutral gun. I think they're also only $250. The only downside is it can't use the newer square head mags, which are supposed to be improved.

Edit: Actually I'm not sure if it comes with a bottom line. The old ones did, the new one looks like it has a back bottle asa, hopefully it can be switched.

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